President Trump Rules – Democrats Drool

Today, March 6, 2017 is a sad day in American history. We have our newly elected president alleging that our former president wire tapped is phones.

Whether these allegations are ever confirmed (which they won’t be, let’s face it) or not, no one wins. I can’t understand for the life of me why party lines seem to be more important to the Democratic party than the American people who have, at least in the past, elected them to public office.

There is one thing that should be absolutely clear and that’s the reality that neither the Democratic party nor the media want to even give President Trump a chance. I want you all to go back and read that sentence. The fact that people are so critical of President Trump and so scared of peacefully allowing him to do his job speaks volumes. People are apparently scared that his man has the stones to truly “Make America Great Again”.

Apparently certain people think that chaos and discontent are the words of the day. You toxic sons of a motherless goats should be ashamed of yourselves. All you protesters are trying to prevent the change for the betterment of America. You’re trying to prevent the swamp from being drained! You’re un-American, what the fuck is wrong with you?

I have a special message to all of you politicians in the United States Senate and Congress. We the American people will be watching you carefully over the next two years. If you don’t tow the line of the duly elected President of the United and instead choose to continue to care more about your political career than you do the American people then you will be joining your constituency as a regular ole average joe citizen in the next election. If you fail to impose term limits on yourselves then we the people will happily do it for you.

It’s nice to have a POTUS that actually seems to care about the safety of America and her citizens. For some people this presidency may hurt, your feelings or what you feel like you’re entitled to but rest assured this is necessary. You’ll look back one day and thank God, Trump was elected. A man of the people, for the people and someone who offered a real change for the best.

Hopefully we can all come together and join in, in making our country great again. God bless!